How to Get into Best Cybersecurity

How to Get into Best Cybersecurity

How to Get into Best Cybersecurity


if you’re looking for a fast-paced dynamic hands-on industry where you can have a real impact look no further than cybersecurity and guess what there has never been a better time to get into the industry than now because the demand for those professionals is growing every single day and the salaries are reflecting that so let’s look at some potential career paths and how you can get into the field working in cybersecurity is almost the definition of having an impact nowadays so if you’re looking for a role that you can be proud of yourself or that will keep you on your feet.

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if you’re passionate about technology and problem solving this could be a great field for you as cyber threats are growing in their number and their complexity there is a huge demand for cybersecurity professionals in fact the US Department of Labor predicts that occupations in this field will grow 13% from 2016 to 2020 6 adding 550 7100 positions that’s in the United States alone.

Salaries are reflecting that demand and that growth as well have I convinced you feel like I’ve convinced myself as well so let’s look at some potential ways in which we can all get into cybersecurity.

so you’ve decided to get into cybersecurity congratulations this is very exciting so now let’s look at how you can get into the field there isn’t one right path into cybersecurity which means that no matter what background you have you can do it however for the sake of understanding your skill sets and your starting point I would differentiate between the two potential starting points.

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Technical Background

whether you have a technical background whether you don’t have a technical background if you do have a technical background you might have an advantage because it might be easier to get into some technical roles and you might also have a leg up in terms of experience that you might need for some of these cybersecurity roles.

Non Technical Background

If you don’t have a technical background don’t be discouraged there are plenty of ways to get your foot in the door was pretty basic technical knowledge however you do have to understand though that you will be getting into a technical field so to grow your career further down the line you will have to acquire more technical skills but the good news is that it’s never too late to learn anything.

I’m too old or I’m too late are just excuses that people use when they’re afraid of change and growth people come into the field of cybersecurity from a variety of skill sets and backgrounds and in fact that kind of different way of thinking might help you have an edge when it comes to your problem-solving remember technology is all about solving problems and cybersecurity is a great example of it and since the field is relatively new there is no right or wrong career path into it as long as you can meet the job requirements.


How to Get into Best Cybersecurity

So the first thing I would do is do some research on the roles that sound interesting to you. there are a ton of very interesting and challenging positions in cybersecurity within the field of cybersecurity and the skills that are required to do them will be different of course for example.

Role of a cyber security

In a role of a cyber security analyst you would be planning and implementing a set of security measures to protect a company’s computer systems and networks the skills recommended for this role include understanding information systems carrying out risk assessment and management cryptography and project management penetration testers attempt to crack into computer systems for the sake of testing security their job is to find vulnerabilities in the system before the bad guys do so they’re often called ethical hackers.

Ethical Hackers

These professionals need some serious coding skills and experience in order to crack into any system and also the knowledge of computer security from forensics to system analysis they should also understand business implications of a potential breach and to be willing to continue to grow and develop to keep up.

Unethical Hackers

The unethical hackers the third example of a different role that requires a different skill set is network administrator’s. They help build maintain oversee and troubleshoot vital computer and communication networks for organizations these professionals should know how to configure complex networks with the ability to manage control and monitor server infrastructures.

So do your research and find a role that sounds exciting and feels right for you the role that will keep you growing and learning and will allow you to have the impact that you’d like to have in this world do a 10-year test if you’d like. what will you in ten years think about your decision your today’s decision to take this role as a goal and this direction for your career.

Will you in ten years be proud of yourself right now hope for faking that direction and will you feel fulfilled by it. Really imagine that once you’ve determined which role sounds like the right one for you let’s make a game plan on. How to get you to it work backwards from that role to see what educational level what skills, what experience, what certifications etc you might need for that end goal be open to the fact that you might have to work in another role before that one in order to get your foot in the door and to get the experience that you need for most cybersecurity positions.


How to Get into Best Cybersecurity

you should have a bachelor’s degree of course it’s not always required but it will definitely come in handy down the line when you are trying to grow your career and get promoted.


How to Get into Best Cybersecurity

Requirements for the role that you’re aiming for especially for companies that you like to work at make a list of all. Those requirements creating a step-by-step plan on how you can meet them if you need a certain amount of experience to get to the role that you’re trying to get to look for roles that are less senior or entry level into the field that will count towards this experience that will be more attainable for you right now with where you are and that also sound fun.

I’ve already said you might have to start with a different role that will get you foot in the door once you’ve identified those roles again work backwards to understand what skills and knowledge you need to get hired as you can tell the theme of this content is understanding what your goal is and working backwards to get the required education skills and experience.

Because to be honest this is the best way to go about any career girls especially in the field as new and as dynamic as cyber security where there is no right or wrong career path besides you never know where these skills will take you maybe the job that you will be doing in three or five years hasn’t even been invented yet but you’re already starting to lay foundation or it remember though you should be excited about what you’re doing so your career goals should fuel you.Give you energy life is pretty short so there’s no point in doing anything that doesn’t fulfill you or make you happy.

I hope this was useful and that you have more confidence on how to do your research find what’s right for you and shape your career in cybersecurity and do you use this system of setting a goal and working backwards from it? if yes what has been the most recent one for you let me know in the comment.

So if you’ve enjoyed it share it with a friend who might also be interested in getting into this exciting world of cybersecurity.


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