Two Fastest Smartphones 2020 in the World (Gaming Phones)

Fastest Smartphones 2020 

In front of me right now we’ve got two of the fastest smartphones on the planet so we’re gonna start with the extreme one and then we’re gonna get to the extra extreme one.

Red Magic 5G

Two Fastest Smartphones 2020 in the World (Gaming Phones)

First up then is the red magic 5g pretty funky looking box. I quite appreciate something that’s different so first up is the small phone weighty bit of kittens are over 200 grams a little insert with a funny hexagonal camera cut out.


  • you’ve got a charger strangely the phone can support insane 55 watt fast charging but it only comes with an 18 watt charger.
  • There’s a black and red USBC cable and then manuals so elaborate looking box yes but nothing really of note inside but that’s because pretty much all resources are being used to make the best possible phone.


I will say this the red magic 5g flies in the face of subtlety. it’s a non-conforming. you’ve got hexagonal camera cutouts. you’ve got ridges and buttons and cutouts on every side of a phone even your volume rocker is ridged to accentuate. Fastest Smartphones 2020

This aggressive design and there’s a glowing logo on the back the best way to describe.Fastest Smartphones 2020

Price & Memory

This phone is basically as a market-leading spec sheet for a surprisingly affordable price so get this it starts at less than $600 the exact price isn’t finalized yet but for that you get a six point five five inch AMOLED display with a world-leading 144 Hertz refresh rate a top level snapdragon 865 chipsets up to 16 gigs of lpddr4 ram and 256 gigs are the fastest ufs 3.0 storage.

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Fastest Smartphones 2020

There’s a 4,500 million power battery with Verna’s 5g.


His camera can record 8k video so that’s pretty cool on paper this basically looks like good by Samsung it’s offering equivalent if not better specs for quite literally half the price I kinda wish I respect that well and there’s actually more cool stuff that isn’t immediately obvious from the spec sheet a cracking set of stereo speakers one on the front and one on the bottom.  Fastest Smartphones

Two Fastest Smartphones 2020 in the World (Gaming Phones)

you’ve got a headphone jack which is a rarity these days and you get this a liquid cooling system assisted by a physical fan inside the phone. Fastest Smartphones 2020

So these sort of grills you see on the side virtually exhausts so that cold air can enter and hot air can leave so what I swapped my $1400 Galaxy S 20 ultra phone to use it well if my primary objective with my phone is gaming then  well my samsung scores are solid five hundred thousand.


Fastest Smartphones 2020

Two Fastest Smartphones 2020 in the World (Gaming Phones)

This phone has the highest benchmark score. I’ve ever seen borderline 600,000 and while my phone and a lot of phones they’ll start kind of throttle their performance as they overheat the red magic didn’t I mean this is a firm that is built for sustained performance but I will say this fan the one on the inside can make quite the racket.Fastest Smartphones 2020

let me show you so this is what it sounds like when you flick the switch and turn it into gaming mode it’s tough to describe though just how fast this feels thanks to that display swiping through home screens it feels like slicing warm butter I don’t really know how that makes sense but it’s an embodiment of how it feels.

So anyways I thought I’ve got quite possibly the most powerful smartphone on the planet in my hands.

Gaming phone

Fastest Smartphones 2020

it’s built for gaming so let’s play a game and I’ve been told for a while to try one called pink eye impact. So I set myself down and spent two solid hours just playing and observing and a few thoughts firstly I can see why the recommendations were pouring in this literally felt like I was playing an animated film.Fastest Smartphones 2020

It was beautiful and played insanely smooth in a way. My initial thought was that because this screen doesn’t spill around the sides and you’ve got a border that it would bother me but to be honest after two minutes of playing you kind of stopped noticing it and of course because this is an extreme gamer phone Bismol.

Itself Triggers

Fastest Smartphones 2020

The phone has capacitive shoulder buttons I didn’t really find myself needing them here but what I did play around with was this menu and it’s just ludicrous the extent to which you get to adjust things.

I didn’t think people took mobile gaming this seriously things like different color profiles to better highlights enemies in certain games and different sound profiles some that’ll bring out the background music and other ones that can draw your attention to enemy footsteps so you can locate them not to mention.

You can even individually tune you’ll see view and GPU performance like I said is just bizarre so based on my time with it what I recommend this phone to game is yes is this the perfect phone that everyone should just drop what they’re doing right now run out and buy probably not but I almost think with the right software.

Minor Negativity

Fastest Smartphones 2020

It could be there’s obviously a bunch of minor hardware things missing things like wireless charging and an ip68 water and dust resistance rating but the biggest problems I had with the phone were actually all software related and to be honest that’s a good position to be in but for example just the general software appearance this user interface looks dated kind of what people would have thought was cool ten years ago.

Fastest Smartphones 2020

But credit where jus the phone has a sick charging animation which actually changes based on whether on all the fan is spinning but like no camera app should ever look like this or jus the camera itself and let me be very clear this is actually a perfectly good quality sixty four megapixel camera the hardware is there and you can shoot genuinely usable 8k video from it like this shot right here.

Fastest Smartphones 2020

I could crop all the way in and it’s still sharp but the image processing software is where the problem lies it doesn’t handle dynamic range nearly as well as the sensor is capable off and the AI on this phone when it Tunes the colors of your photos it’s so heavy-handed that your photos can swing from this to this just depending on whether or not the phone recognizes what it’s shooting it is early software though.

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black shark 3 Pro

Two Fastest Smartphones 2020 in the World (Gaming Phones)

Now welcome to a small phone that is more expensive but in a lot of ways it dials things up to the next level this is the black shark 3 Pro. There are additional accessories that you could buy separately, a USB see charging cable and a fun cooler which I thought was pretty hilarious considering. Fastest Smartphones 2020

Two Fastest Smartphones 2020 in the World (Gaming Phones)


Fastest Smartphones 2020

It looks like anything but a piece of equipment that’s messing around you’d be calling a nuclear reactor with okay so that phone it’s an icebox treading that line between class and glam inside you got your standard insert but each part of package feels like it’s really had some love put into it and it contains some manuals and a case that I gotta say I wasn’t expecting not sure about this one to be honest there’s the smartphone an American power break and another charging cable my very first impression was actually a moment of contemplation.Fastest Smartphones 2020

Two Fastest Smartphones 2020 in the World (Gaming Phones)

Because never in my life have I held a bigger smartphone in terms of the way it looks.

I think the company’s last Black Shark 2 pro phone was actually a pretty damn cool device this one I’m not as convinced by but there is a lot of cool stuff going on here and the symmetry and the fact that the camera protrusion is small means that actually this is a really comfortable phone to hold.

When you’re gaming, you get these matte rails on the sides and a vinyl texture in the middle which I’m assuming are all there to give you more grip I have no idea though what kind of hands you’d need to reach the power button just look at it so you’re probably wondering just how big is this phone.


you can look seven point one inch quad-hd plus 90 Hertz AMOLED display with a 270 Hertz touch response and bear in mind not tiny bezels either. So it feels even bigger than it sounds it’s like an Excel model of the already enormous galaxy s 20 ultra.


Fastest Smartphones 2020

The phone’s powered by the Snapdragon 865 chip and 12GB of RAM and 512GB of memory storage, 5000 milliamp hour battery, 65 watt charging this isn’t supercharged anymore this is hyper charge.

I just love these smartphone marketing terms there’s dual front-facing stereo speakers a headphone jack again where one roll here and one of the most surprising features physical shoulder buttons you play a game. they operate interview and then the second you leave they disappear they even automatically retract if you drop your phone so yeah it works it’s so cool. I think they’ve pulled off the whole gaming look well it’s still clear you’re holding a gamer phone. Fastest Smartphones 2020

But this software doesn’t feel in-your-face and obnoxious and even though this isn’t a 144 Hertz display it still feels so fast like you get this subtle reassurance that nothing could ever challenge it and one thing I noticed pretty early on was how much I liked this display like having a 7.1 inch screen comes with its own set of very real compromises but this almost made me want to try and look past them it’s got a certain level of clarity.

Fastest Smartphones 2020

When you’re watching videos even if they were filmed 25 frames per second it can upgrade them to 90 s. Actually while we’re at it we’ve got this frankly not looking cooler so let’s stick it on and see how that works the game of choice was Call of Duty mobile.

So I clicked the switch to enter the dedicated gaming space. I turned on ludicrous mode which maximizes the chip-set puts the display at its max touch something rate and prioritizes your network speed in-game and off we went these shoulder buttons surprise me I’ve tested a lot of smartphone gadgets that try to emulate this functionality and at best there are more comfortable way to do what your phone can already do.

But these actually made me better admittedly when it comes to Call of Duty mobile that’s like polishing a turd but I felt more precise and more in control the only thing I would say is that after prolonged periods it doesn’t matter.


Fastest Smartphones 2020

if you have triggers or a nice grippe back this is never going to be as comfortable as holding say a dedicated Xbox one controller so after a bit I did have to put it down take a breather and then come back but still the graphics the framerate the controls are all the best I’ve ever had on an Android phone also in case it wasn’t clear this cooler is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before yes it has a massive fan on it but the fan is just a part of it.

The thing actually needs active power to work because below that fan is effectively a freezer for your phone so cold that when you take it off after playing you literally feel like you want to leave it out in the Sun to defrost.

Fastest Smartphones 2020

The phone is still lacking in the camera Department only slightly better than the red magic and I can’t stress enough that something of these dimensions is not for everyone but there can be certain pros to having a gaming phone are things that are added in to make the gaming experience better. Fastest Smartphones 2020

But they have a side effect of actually making the general phone experience better for example the dual stereo speakers added in to help you locate enemies when playing they bring videos to life the high end haptic engine in the phone built to give vibrations in game also just means that everything from typing to touching gives you really satisfying physical responses. Fastest Smartphones 2020


You can buy these phones, The red magic for around $600 and the Black Shark are closer to $700.

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